Premium Artificial Grass in Las Vegas

Got Turf Las Vegas offers realistic and premium quality artificial grass in Las Vegas to a range of clients. Our company has redefined traditional grass products, creating cutting edge artificial grass for residential and artificial grass for commercial use in Las Vegas.

With over 15 years of experience and expertise in the Synthetic Grass industry, our premium artificial turf products are recognised and trusted by homeowners, contractors, schools and businesses as a leading brand in the artificial grass market, and as a company that delivers its promise of unrivalled customer service and low maintenance artificial grass products.

For cutting edge artificial grass and an effective grass solution, look no further than GOT TURF!

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Las Vegas Artificial Turf Solutions for Home & Businesses

If you are looking to enhance the beauty of your home space, then there can be nothing better than artificial Turf. Many homes, commercial properties and pet facilities in Las Vegas use this artificial turf for decoration and water saving. They come in with numerous advantages: of course, artificial turf, also known as synthetic grass or fake grass, makes everything appear green without any water bill and it improves the aesthetic value just like natural grass. The artificial turf installation cost is also very reasonable which makes it perfect choice for homeowners as well as businesses.

The best thing that people notice while buying artificial grass in Las Vegas is that it doesn’t need any sort of watering or mowing. It improves the appearance of the landscape and adds a realistic feel. You can either install a new one or can merge it with the existing landscape design. We are here to offer the best solutions with regards to fake grass in Las Vegas. Some benefits include;

  • Convenient to install. Save yourself from all sort of maintenance problems.
  • You will love the beauty it adds to the landscape.
  • You don’t need to mow it or water it. Sit back and enjoy greenery
  • This fake grass is safe for kids. No worry about slipping or any other issues.

To learn how Got Turf can help you implement a successful artificial solution, contact us on (702)-741-4561 or click below to REQUEST A QUOTE today.

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Benefits of artificial grass


              No lawn mowing and maintenance

Aesthetic Pleasing

              Aesthetic it provides to your street scape

No Maintenance

              Minimum maintenance, no watering or fertilizing               required, EVER!

No Watering

              No irrigation required, no water expenses

Children and Pets

              Your children and pet will love your new lawn

Natural feel

              Extremely realistic feel and look