Industry Leading

With 18 years of expertise in the Artificial Grass industry. We are happy to satisfy your need for any type of purpose of your lawn. If you can find the same turf product at a lower price, we’ll beat it!

Quality Assured

High quality products for commercial, residential, sports, institutions, and any other environment you need. All our lawns are double-backed, utilising advanced technology coating facilities. The tufting is the most realistic, ensuring precise grass specifications such as height, gauge and density. UV stabilisers are added to reduce colour fade, ensuring your lawn retains its colour year after year.

Realistic and Affordable

With Got Turf, you can rest assured that you are getting the most realistic and affordable synthetic turf available on the market. All our premium turf products are unbelievably realistic, with a lush natural look and feel, and is pet and family friendly. They are extremely durable and virtually maintenance free. Extensively tested and engineered to give a natural and highly durable result that maximises structural integrity and will remain upright when other products flatten over time.

Customer Service

Got Turf stands by the fact that we are top league in customer service throughout the industry. We will respond to any online enquiries relating to artificial turf, within 24 hours. All phone enquiries will be handled by experienced staff. Our staff always go up and beyond to get results for our customers.

Global Stock Availability

Got Turf understands how annoying it is to pick out a synthetic grass you like then only to find it is out of stock or delivery will take a long time. This is why Got Turf stocks our products in exceptionally large volumes, 200,000ft², from the best suppliers around the world and then sell directly to you, ensuring the best possible price.

Efficient Delivery

To compliment this stock availability, Got Turf makes it a priority that when an order is placed we dispatch the order as soon as possible. One more thing, FREE DELIVERY AVAILABLE on minimum order! Call us to see if your order qualifies.

Mobile Showroom

Got Turf understands that life sometimes can get busy. So if you don't have time to come to our store, we will bring the showroom to your house, and let you feel and see for yourself. With 15 years of experience, we will give you the most practical advices on how to design your backyard, how to look good while saving money!

Family Friendly

Artificial grass works wonderfully with children and pets, providing a great surface for them the play on. You will never have to worry about them digging holes in the lawn, or having areas where they can get too muddy.Our product development ensures that the strongest products are made, allowing children and pets  to play as crazy as they want on the surface without any stress to the lawn.

Heavy Metal and Chemical Free

All our artificial products are subjected to heavy-metal testing to prove the environmental capability. We avoid the use of any heavy metals and testing is carried out to ensure all our lawns are heavy-metal and lead free. Moreover, with our grass, you will never have to use pesticide, safer for children, safer for pets!